OVMC Radiologic Technology Program Holds 2007 Graduation

Ohio Valley Medical Center’s Radiologic Technology Program held its 52st graduation ceremonies June 22, 2007. Eight students participated in ceremonies after successfully completing the hospital’s program of radiological technology.

Clinical instructors Jackie Johnston and Sherrie Orlofske, OVMC Radiologic Technology Clinical Instructors, presented the graduates with diplomas and pins. Graduates included: Megan Chelsey Lyle, Melissa Rene Lennox, Leigh Ann Ingles, Kelsey Doan, Savon Lynn Loy, Kristina Marie Holman, Beth Ann Wycherley and Sarah Jean Hughes.
Vicki Novick, Administrative Director of Radiology at OVMC and East Ohio Regional Hospital, presented two graduates with Awards. Sarah Hughes was honored with the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology for outstanding attendance and was also awarded the GE Healthcare Award for clinical excellence. Beth Wycherley received the Mallinckrodt Award for academic excellence.
Guest speakers for the graduation ceremony were: Jim Stultz, Senior Vice President of OVMC; Kelby Frame, MD, Staff Radiologist at OVMC and EORH; Kristine Kope, Staff Technologist; Ashley Mason, Representative of the Freshman Class; and Melissa Lennox, Representative of the Graduating Class.
OVMC’s Radiology Technology Program was established in 1954, with the first class graduating in 1955. Students participate in a 24-month program, spending 40 hours per week in clinical and classroom activities.
I worked and trained all these fine student technologist’s in their CT rotation. What a phenomenal group of technologist’s. I wish them the best in their futures in radiology.
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