Radiology Students

John has closed this blog site, Thanks John for sharing while you were in school!!

I found this wonderful student forum from John Seltzer Jr.

John also has a student blog, Road to Radiography.

John is 39 years old and returning to school for a career change. Finding his calling come late in life in some aspects. His first career was in the I.T. industry as a computer programmer and network engineer. He worked in those fields from 1989 until 2004. In early 2002, he picked up photography as a hobby and has been making a career out of that for the last few years. John states “I will always be a photographer”. My love of working with people and my passion for photography seem to come together nicely in Radiography. The radiography portion is a very intriguing extension of his current interest in photography.

His blog will chronicle his adventures in radiography school. John also said “this is going to be a fun journey and I hope to look back on these writings one day and remember how much fun I had in the process of becoming a registered RT”.

Here is the student forum site. I recommend a visit to both of John’s sites.

Visit Radiography Students
CT Dave


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