Radiologist, RT salaries fall in 2007

I was surfing Auntminnie today, and found this article on “Salaries fell for radiologists, RTs in 2007, SalaryScan survey says,” by Brian Casey, auntminnie staff writer.

Interesting reading, comments welcome!!



3 comments on “Radiologist, RT salaries fall in 2007

  1. Depending on experience and skill, I’ve found through some searching that RPA’s average between $57,000 to $81,000.


  2. Dear Dave,

    have been investigating a second career and stumbled onto your site–lots of info! I live in CT and there are only a few certified programs– even if you are interested in mammography,it seems the rad tech certification is required. I have seen job openings in my state– are some areas more flooded with schools and students than others? The school I looked at (Stamford Hospital) only takes 10-11 students/year. I would appreciate any advice–ie is it better to get the certificate, associates or bachelors? I am 45 and already have a four year degree in an unrelated field– looking to return to the workforce after kids in a fulfilling way

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