Breast MRI: From the Patient Perspective

Here’s an outstanding video from Dr. Glenn Coates, MS, MD of Wake Radiology Diagnostic Imaging ( who speaks about diagnosing breast cancer with breast MRI.

67 min – Sep 14, 2006

Wake Radiology Diagnostic


3 comments on “Breast MRI: From the Patient Perspective

  1. Dear Dr. Coates,
    Your video is fantastic! I am a Santa Fe College radiography student in Florida. I am doing my senior research paper on breast MRI. I stumbled upon your video first on Youtube, It was very short. I searched for your video again and found the full version. I loved it and will watch it again. It meant alot to me because my sister had breast cancer and my second cousin now has stage 4 breast cancer, so I am concerned. Anyways, thank-you.

    Jean Murphy

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