Becoming a Radiologic Technologist: A Student’s Guide: from Choosing the Right School to Jump Starting Your Career

This is an outstanding resource book for people who are seeking information about entering the field of radiologic technology. It was written by a long time friend of mine Jeremy Enfinger BS, RT(R), who I met through my website “Dave’s Places in Radiology”. Jeremy’s has worked in all facets of radiology, especially education, is a test writer for the ARRT boards, and has degrees in Bachelor’s of Science in Radiologic Sciences, and Associate Degree in Radiologic Science. He also manage’s a radiology blog Topics in Radiology. I highly recommend this book!

Jeremy Enfinger RT(R) (Author) This book is intended to be used as a resource for people interested in becoming a Radiologic Technologist. There are many aspects to researching schools, the health care job market, and keys to success within the field of radiology. There are also many pitfalls like non accredited institutions that claim to qualify students to be able to work in a hospital as an x-ray tech after completion of their program, but do not meet accreditation standards needed to acquire the necessary credentials. This guide will provide everything the potential x-ray student needs to research accredited schools, be successful in a radiography program, and stand out among peers to gain a competitive edge when seeking a job after graduation.


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