CT Online Study Portal

imageI would like to recommend a paid CT resource page which I feel will benefit anyone looking to pass the AART CT registry exam.


About Us

CTtutor.com strives to bring fun to learning. We have spent years developing a comprehensive e-training course to improve technologists’ skills in all subject areas of computed tomography. The curriculum was developed by our team of experienced educators and technologists. Technologists and students have extensively tested the curriculum for its effectiveness in preparing for the clinical environment and the ARRT* registry exam.


3 comments on “CT Online Study Portal

  1. Been a long time! I stumbled back across your page as I was looking for resources for preparing for the CT Registry. I am starting a continuing ed program next month to get CT certified… the Cttutor.com website looks appealing to me and I think I will probablyh buy a membership to that about two months into my six month program… hope all is well with you!

  2. First of all, I’d like to mention that Chris is phenomenal; he truly wants you to succeed. The site has various interactive activities along with multiple tests in each category. I’m confident this course will prepare you for the registry.

    • Thank you for the kind words. CTtutor truly cares that every client passes. Since 2010, we have helped more than 5,000 techs pass their boards. Send me an email and I will create you a 3-day pass to the CTtutor program.

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