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imageI would like to recommend a paid CT resource page which I feel will benefit anyone looking to pass the AART CT registry exam.


About Us

CTtutor.com strives to bring fun to learning. We have spent years developing a comprehensive e-training course to improve technologists’ skills in all subject areas of computed tomography. The curriculum was developed by our team of experienced educators and technologists. Technologists and students have extensively tested the curriculum for its effectiveness in preparing for the clinical environment and the ARRT* registry exam.

MDCT.net launches new updated website.

MDCT.net webpage

I hadn’t visited MDCT.net for a while,  the other day I visited, and was pleasantly surprised to find a new revamped site. 

The new approach on this revamp is to make it easier to navigate through each section, such as clinical cases, being able to view e-lectures from the home page, ability to scroll through educational presentations, being able to find all the content on the load page, a new parametric search, latest CT buzz section for upcoming meetings and conferences, and each post in the main section has a “related content” box in the sidebar proposing additional information on what you are viewing.

I would diffidently recommend a visit to this site to all my CT friends. 

Innovations in CT imaging of acute stroke

I found this article very informative and educational, and I wanted to share it.

Innovations in CT imaging of acute stroke: Adding value, reducing dose, improving consistency, by Anne Marie McLellan, DO, Idoia Corcuera-Solano, MD, and Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, MD, FACR.

Stroke remains a leading cause of mortality and permanent disability worldwide. Brain imaging plays a crucial role in early diagnosis and yields essential information regarding tissue integrity, a factor that is determinant in identifying patients likely to benefit from thrombolytic therapy. Readily available in most settings, computed tomography (CT) maintains a dominant role in the evaluation of patients with acute stroke. In this paper, we discuss several innovations in per- fusion and CT angiography of acute stroke, which have an impact on quality, consistency, and radiation dose.

My recommendations for the ARRT CT Registry

My recommendations for the ARRT CT Registry:

These are the materials I’ve gathered as resources for the ARRT CT registry. If you are looking for material from the ARRT about the registry,  you need to download these pdf files from the ARRT site.

If your a member of the ASRT here are probably the best study guides for the registry $$$$ ASRT CT Registry Review

Best Study Review book: Mosby’s Exam Review for Computed Tomography, 2e [Paperback] by Daniel N. DeMaio BS RT(R)(CT) $$$$ Amazon

Online CT Review Courses: CTtutor $$$$ I just added this site, and highly recommend that you visit and check it out.

Medical Imaging Consultants MIC $$$$ ( There have been very many technologists who have had success with this course, including tech’s that I worked with in the past).

Outstanding online learning web sites: CTisus Multi-slice helical CT physics and technology, (older information, but a good resource)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Contrast (From CTISUS)

If you have any questions about the registry or these web sites please let me know, I would by happy to try and answer them for you.