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Becoming a Radiologic Technologist: A Student’s Guide: from Choosing the Right School to Jump Starting Your Career

Becoming a Radiologic Technologist
Jeremy Enfinger RT(R) (Author) This book is intended be used as a resource for people interested in becoming a Radiologic Technologist. There are many aspects to researching schools, the health care job market, and keys to success within the field of radiology. There are also many pitfalls like non accredited institutions that claim to qualify students to be able to work in a hospital as an x-ray tech after completion of their program, but do not meet accreditation standards needed to acquire the necessary credentials. This guide will provide everything the potential x-ray student needs to research accredited schools, be successful in a radiography program, and stand out among peers to gain a competitive edge when seeking a job after graduation.

Radiology Assistant


The Educational site of the Radiological Society of the Netherlands

I found this website while I was looking for radiology websites today. Its a phenomenal education site from the Netherlands. 

This is a description of the site:  The Radiology Assistant is an initiative of the radiologist Robin Smithuis for the Radiology Society of the Netherlands to provide up-to-date radiological education for radiology residents and radiologists.  The Radiology Assistant is a non-profit organization.  Our goal is to provide education in radiology and to help medical care in South East Asia.  The free availability of this information reflects the commitment of the Radiology Assistant to provide knowledge to a wide audience.  We focus on common clinical problems in which imaging plays a major role in the management of the patient.
The subjects are presented by experts in the field.

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Marylin Monroe chest x-ray

Marylin Monroe Exposed

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This apparent xray of Marylin Monroe’s chest, taken in 1952 at a Florida hospital when she was treated for endometriosis, is set to sell at a Hollywood auction this summer.  While some people may think this is another ridiculous celebrity auction piece and may wonder who in the world would want an xray of Marylin Monroe’s chest, I actually think it’s quite interesting.  Even the xray exemplifies that classic Marylin Monroe contour!

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OVMC Class of 2013

OVMC Class of 2013

Congratulation to the Award Winning Class of 2013
The 59th graduation of Ohio Valley Medical Center Program of Radiologic Technology was held on May 17, 2013.

Class 2013
From left to right standing: Haley Piatt, Jessica Astle, Adam Vaughan – New Cumberland, WV, Joe Wilcox, Jr. – Morgantown, WV, Lacy Foster – Glen Dale, WV, Jenna Carpenter – St. Clairsville, OH
From left to right sitting: Miranda Schilling, Jordan Fowler – Washington, PA, Amanda Klug, Casey Martin – St. Clairsville, OH
I worked and trained all these fine student technologist’s in their CT rotation. What a phenomenal group of technologist’s. I wish them the best in their futures in radiology.